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When most people imagine an idyllic family home, they picture a yard surrounded by a white picket fence. A traditional feature of any home, a freshly painted white picket fence makes many homeowners feel nostalgic and cozy. However, many homeowners do not realize the amount of work required to maintain a traditional, wooden, white picket fence. Frequent painting and upkeep are required to prevent rotting, warping, and general deterioration of the fence. A better alternative to a traditional white picket fence is a brand-new vinyl picket fence! Vinyl fences are durable and long-lasting, requiring little to no maintenance and built to last without rotting, warping, or fading over time.

Vinyl Picket Fences at Vinyl Fence Forever

white picket fenceAt Vinyl Fence Forever, we sell a wide selection of durable vinyl fencing, including vinyl picket fences. Many people prefer vinyl fences over traditional wooden, metal or chain link fencing due to its durability. Vinyl fences are easy to install and maintain, allowing you to enjoy the look of a freshly painted fence for many years. Vinyl fences are built to last even the tough wear and tear of Canadian winters. A vinyl picket fence perfectly incorporates modern technology with the nostalgic aesthetic of a family home. A fantastic investment for any homeowner looking to reliably enclose their property with little to no maintenance for years. 

Benefits of Vinyl Picket Fences

One of the top benefits of a vinyl picket fence is the ability to choose from a wide variety of colours and styles. Whether you are looking for a traditional white picket fence or a unique splash of colour on your property, a vinyl fence allows you to choose from almost any colour. Unlike a wooden fence, a vinyl fence is constructed in the colour of your choice, requiring no additional painting to maintain its finish. In addition to customizing the style of your fence, another benefit of vinyl fencing is its remarkable durability compared to wood, metal, and chain-link fencing. Vinyl fences do not rot, warp, fade, or deteriorate over time, allowing you to enjoy the look of a freshly painted fence year-round.

With a vinyl picket fence, you will be able to enjoy semi-private coverage of your front or backyard. This can provide both visibility and accessibility of your yard, while still providing some much-needed privacy. With a vinyl picket fence, there is also always the option to upgrade to a full-privacy panel in the future.

Why Choose Vinyl Fence Forever? 

At Vinyl Fence Forever, we are experts in vinyl fence design and installation. No matter what your individual design style may be, we can help you pick out the colour, shape, and size of fencing that best suits your home. With years of experience, the Vinyl Fence Forever team proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area with our Canadian-made products. In addition to picket fences, we also sell full-privacy vinyl fences in addition to vinyl decks and rails. For more information on any of our vinyl products or to request a free quote, contact our team today at 416-746-8080.

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We had a great experience with Vinyl Fence Forever! They are true professionals when it comes to fence installation and our backyard never looked so nice and modern. Thank you!

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